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Who is behind TGF?

Established in September 2021, TGF was founded by Dr. Courtney Kleftis, Goddess-devotee and queer-feminist librarian. Courtney has always been fascinated by exploring the role of women and their unique voices in the arts, specifically opera, through her previous career as an amateur opera singer, musicologist, and later music librarian. In her current role as founder of TGF, she remains deeply invested in recovering and reclaiming marginalized voices and wisdom traditions, especially those of women devoted to the Goddess and/or divine feminine in a less than hospitable (patriarchal) environment. Considering her background in the performing arts, TGF promotes Goddess theater, dance, and song from both a professional and amateur level (open to all who wish to bring their love for the divine feminine into their bodies). For anyone interested, see this video (see also below) in which Courtney speaks to her audience and tells her story in greater detail. For Courtney's related Goddess and pagan projects, through her MLIS coursework (U. Alabama distance program), check out this Fall 2020 community-engaged research project on Minnesota-based paganism and this work-in-progress, Fall 2021, oral herstory collection project (directly linked to The Goddess Foundation's inaugural - 2021-2022 - theme of the year).

The long-term vision for TGF entails a robust, non-hierarchical collective run and managed by a range of Goddess scholars and devotees worldwide. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please consider joining our Patreon account (coming soon) at various tiers/levels (an online crowd-funding source) and/or reaching out to Courtney on the Contact Us page. Also, please consider joining us and signing up for our monthly Newsletter covering upcoming events and resources available on the organization’s website.

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