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Welcome to The Goddess Foundation Library: a sort of postmodern virtual Alexandria. 

Navigate the sub-pages linked to on this library homepage (arranged topically/thematically).

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Available Resources

A Small Sampling

The Goddess Foundation Library provides extensive resources available open-access (for free) for all users.

A small sampling of these resources includes:

  • Bibliographies & guides on numerous topics (i.e.: the Goddess in film, the Goddess in the performing arts, the Goddess in fiction).

  • Guides to information about goddesses from around the world who hail from countless different pantheons and spiritual/religious traditions.

  • Guides to popular online Goddess-themed resources such as blogs, podcasts, spiritual and/or feminist publishers, Goddess temples, etc.

Contact The Goddess Foundation Librarian

Get in touch with The Goddess Foundation Librarian, Courtney Kleftis, if you have any questions or need reference/research assistance.

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