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Courtney's Vaginismus/Vestibulodynia Story (TGF Podcast, Season 1 Ep. 5)

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Welcome back to The Goddess Foundation's Youtube channel video podcast series for Season 1 Episode 5 about the founder, Courtney's, experience living with and healing from two interconnected vaginal (pelvic floor) disorders: vaginismus and vestibulodynia.

See below time stamps for the episode and all referenced links (below):

0:00 - Welcome and introductory comments about this episode's topic

0:57 - NEWS (Courtney's upcoming move to Southern Maine, where she grew up, for her wife's fantastic new job at Southern Maine Community College)

- Short hiatus from TGF programming!

2:15 - Upcoming (post-move) interview with Cat Rose Neligan, Courtney's friend, astrologer, and fellow daimon enthusiast on the astrology of the daimon

3:13 - Vagina Problems (an introduction to the concept through the lens of Buzzfeed editor, Lara Parker