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Courtney's Vaginismus/Vestibulodynia Story (TGF Podcast, Season 1 Ep. 5)

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Welcome back to The Goddess Foundation's Youtube channel video podcast series for Season 1 Episode 5 about the founder, Courtney's, experience living with and healing from two interconnected vaginal (pelvic floor) disorders: vaginismus and vestibulodynia.

See below time stamps for the episode and all referenced links (below):

0:00 - Welcome and introductory comments about this episode's topic

0:57 - NEWS (Courtney's upcoming move to Southern Maine, where she grew up, for her wife's fantastic new job at Southern Maine Community College)

- Short hiatus from TGF programming!

2:15 - Upcoming (post-move) interview with Cat Rose Neligan, Courtney's friend, astrologer, and fellow daimon enthusiast on the astrology of the daimon

3:13 - Vagina Problems (an introduction to the concept through the lens of Buzzfeed editor, Lara Parker's, memoir by this title)

8:33 - What is Vaginismus?

11:03 - Shocking statistics: Pelvic Floor Disorders are surprisingly quite common!

11:31 - Vaginismus references in pop. culture (e.g.: Lily in Netflix's Sex Education)

14:41 - Vaginismus Awareness Day (coming up on September 15th)

16:51 - Vulvodynia & Vestibulodynia (What Are They?)

17:50 - Shout out to Courtney's amazing friend & her hilarious reaction to Courtney coming out about her vagina problems

18:12 - Vulvodynia Support Groups and Other Resources

19:34 - Courtney's Story (Part 1): Sensory Processing/Integration Disorder & Vestibulodynia

24:02 - Courtney's Story (Part 2): Tampon Trauma & Promo for Sex Therapy

27:54 - Courtney's Story (Part 3): Tampon Trauma Continued

29:54 - Courtney's Story (Part 4): Assault at the Gynecologist's Office

37:30 - Resources (Podcasts, etc.)

40:05 - Divine Feminine Oracle Reading & Closing Comments


Vagina Problems book by Buzzfeed Editor, Lara Parker:

Cat Rose Neligan (Astrologer): Website & Daimon Book

What Is Vaginismus? (Resources):

Vaginismus in Netflix's Sex Education series:

"My vagina is like a Venus Flaytrap" (quoting Lily, from Sex Education) :)

Vulvodynia & Vestibulodynia: (from the National Vulvodynia Association)

Vaginal/Pelvic Pain & Sensory Processing/Integration Disorder (peer-reviewed article/pilot study AND Youtube presentation by a sex therapist):

Resources (podcasts, etc.) for other stories about living with "Vagina Problems":

Goddess on Earth Oracle Deck by Lisa Levart:

If you have your own story to share and wish to be featured on The Goddess Foundation podcast series (or just want to talk), please do not hesitate to reach out to Courtney at

Much love!


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